Luxury Country Day Spa in Pitlochry, Perthshire, Scotland

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Hot Tubs - Therapeutic Benefits

We have a large covered hot tub located within the grounds of the spa along with a fantastic cedar barrel sauna.

There are many therapeutic benefits of using hot tubs

Muscular pain relief
Pressurised warm water from the jets apply more direct pressure to a tense or painful muscle. 

Arthritis relief
Water makes the body buoyant and allows free movement of the joints with up to 90% less weight when the body is immersed in water. Once stress has been removed from the joints the body can move freely without the pain often associated with arthritis.

Better blood flow
Hot tubs help cause the dilation of blood vessels, which in turn increases the blood flow throughout the body. 

People who relax in a hot tub for 15-20 minutes before bed time are more likely to enjoy a deep and peaceful sleep. 

Joint Pain relief
Joint pain can cause swelling. Warm water in a hot tub will dilate the blood vessels to relieve painful symptoms.

Weight loss
Hot tubs can help accelerate weight loss when used regularly (around 30 minutes per day for three weeks at a time).

General feeling of well-being
Hydrotherapy can promote a feeling of rejuvenation and relaxation - reducing stress and anxiety.

Sitting quietly in a hot tub can relieve headaches as they reduce stress and promote relaxation.

Increased circulation
The warm water in spas and hot tubs opens up the blood vessels, decreasing blood pressure. This in turn eases blood flow and improves circulation, plus stimulates nerves to boost the immune system.

Assisting Chronic Pain
Hot tub therapy can help people suffering chronic pain by massaging pressure points in the body where pain is at its worst.


Sauna - Therapeutic Benefits

Stress buster.   The heat of the sauna relaxes the body, improves circulation and stimulates the release of endorphins—the body’s natural feel good chemical—providing a wonderful “after sauna glow.”

Relaxes Muscles and Soothes Aches and Pains in Muscles and Joints  Under high heat, the body releases endorphins—the body’s naturally produced pain relieving chemical. 

Flushes Toxins  Deep sweating flushes out toxins in the body.

Cleanses and Exfoliates the Skin.  When deep sweating occurs, the skin is cleansed and dead skin cells are replaced, keeping your skin plump and hydrated.

Promotes a Deeper sleep  Research shows a deeper sleep can result from using a sauna in the evening.  

Improves Cardiovascular health  In the heat of a sauna the heart rate can rise. With regular sauna use this can positively influence the regulatory system.

Burns Calories.  Can be used as a successful wait loss tool if used reguarly.

Fights Illness  German sauna medical research shows saunas significantly reduced the incidence of colds and influenza. 

The all round Feel Good Factor  A sauna not only feels good, it’s good for you. Whether it’s the physiological changes that occur in the warmth of a sauna, or if it’s simply the time spent in the calm, still retreat of the sauna, all who sauna agree—it feels wonderful!