Luxury Country Day Spa in Pitlochry, Perthshire, Scotland

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We use naturopathic and aromatherapy based skincare brands with strong ethical values and proven results. All products are made in Britain.

Essentially Yours

Natural Elements was the first naturopathic skincare range to be made without the use of harsh chemicals and parabens. Naturopathic: is a completely 100% bio-natural, with no synthetic bases, petro-chemicals or any harsh chemicals. This type of product brings ‘state of the art’ understanding in natural dermatology creating a ‘self-repairing’ effect to any damage caused. It delivers antioxidants  in large amounts which neutralize the main source of damage to cells and collagen in the skin. 
When we use therapeutic grade natural oils they manifest the ability to improve repair, they bring healthy order to confused tissue and cells.


The Natural Spa Factory

The Natural Spa Factory is delighted to be working with Spa Uniq.  We supply many of the UK’s top spas and hotels and are dedicated to being as natural as can be.  We’re passionate about providing nSPArational, luxury and just plain gorgeous spa products.

Why should you use Eve Taylor?

Eve Taylor is one of the most established professional aromatherapy skin and body care companies in the world and is only available through salons, spas and professional therapists. All products are free from Mineral oil, Lanolin, SD alcohol, and artificial additives and are not tested on animals.